Przystanek Korona Resto & Bar

Welcome to our first restaurant in Kraków's Podgórze district!


Not far from the Podgorski Market, at 17 Legionów Józefa Piłsudskiego Street, is the Korona Resto & Bar, where, in addition to a perfectly selected breakfast, you will find a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. The restaurant will be ideal as a place to organize a special party, birthday party or corporate meeting. The restaurant owes its name to one of Krakow's most famous bus stops, which is located 2 minutes from the restaurant!


The restaurant and bar welcomes you!

ul. Legionów Józefa Piłsudzkiego 17, Kraków
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Opening hours: 7-11 (breakfast) + special party

Reservations: +48 690 624 251

Occasional events


  +48 509 641 332

A beautiful and sunny restaurant that serves delicious food and provides comfort despite its location in the heart of Old Podgórze? It's all right, that's what the Korona Stop is! The occasional menu offers a wide range of sets and buffets for every occasion - from christenings to weddings to corporate events. Your comfort and enjoyment of your visit will be taken care of by one of the best waiters' crews in Kraków, who will be happy to help you choose a menu, match it with a buffet, as well as alcohol, the selection of which is really huge and can make your head spin.

We invite you to contact us to arrange details and book a date. We are convinced that in our restaurants you will organise unique celebrations that will remain in your memory for a long time.

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