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Aparthotel Grodzka 21 Aparthotel Grodzka 21 Book now
ul. Grodzka 21 , Kraków
Apartments 17 Szewska Apartments 17 Szewska Book now
ul. Szewska 17 , Kraków
Armon Residence Armon Residence Book now
Plac Bawół 4 , Kraków
City Express Hostel City Express Hostel Book now
ul. Świętego Łazarza 13 , Kraków
Globus Aparthotel Globus Aparthotel Book now
ul. Józefa Dietla 67 , Kraków
Hotel Krupnicza 30 Hotel Krupnicza 30 Book now
ul. Krupnicza 30 , Kraków
Hotel Santi Hotel Santi Book now
ul. Dominikańska 1 , Kraków
Leone Aparthotel Leone Aparthotel Book now
ul. Wrzesińska 9 , Kraków
Mały Kraków Aparthotel Mały Kraków Aparthotel Book now
ul. Kurniki 4 , Kraków
MR67 Mayera Rapaporta Aparthotel MR67 Mayera Rapaporta Aparthotel Book now
ul. Józefa Dietla 67 , Kraków
Plaza Boutique Hotel Plaza Boutique Hotel Book now
ul. Legionów Piłsudskiego 17 , Kraków
Rajska Residence Rajska Residence Book now
ul. Rajska 20 , Kraków
Red Brick Apartments Red Brick Apartments Book now
ul. Kurniki 3 , Kraków
Spatz Aparthotel Spatz Aparthotel Book now
ul. Miodowa 11 , Kraków
Station Aparthotel Station Aparthotel Book now
ul. Bosacka 5 , Kraków
Xerion Hotel Xerion Hotel Book now
ul. Węgierska 6 , Kraków


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Find out more about our properies!

Find out more about our properies!

You probably already know Krakow, but do you know interesting facts about Laris Hotels Group's properties? If not, we'd love to introduce you to the biggest secrets and undiscovered facts about your destination! Check out now what awaits y…

Breakfast at Laris Hotels Group

Breakfast at Laris Hotels Group

Laris Hotels Group, known in the hospitality market for its luxurious standards and unforgettable experience for its guests, stands out not only for its elegance and comfort, but also for its excellent approach to culinary, especially when…

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