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Sometimes with a pinch of salt...


  • Barely 20 metres from Armon Residence there is an Old Synagogue, one of the oldest remaining synagogues in Poland and at the same time one of the most valuable monuments of Jewish sacred architecture in Europe.
  • On the neighbouring building it is painted a hypnotizing, impressive in its size mural.
  • From the side of St. Wawrzyniec Street one can taste fantastic culinary specialities served from Food Trucks.  The fragrance of dainties spreads over the whole Kazimierz district.  
  • The area is guarded by a ginger-white cat that can be encountered as it is lying around on the nearby walls.
  • Within the distance of 280 metres there is an award-winning ice cream shop at 83 Starowiślana Street. Mind the long queues! In the winter period the offer is changed into doughnuts made according to a traditional recipe.



  • All the paintings that are present on the site have been painted by workers of Laris company in their free time.
  • In the backyard there is a glazed patio full of greenery where breakfasts are being served. The cook arrives specially in the mornings in order to bake fresh, original muffins or a homemade cake for Leone’s guests.
  • The blue front of Leone building is an original tint discovered during the renovation.


Mały Kraków

  • The first building in the centre of Cracow in Laris network was constructed in 2005.
  • From the windows of Mały Kraków one can see St. Florian’s Church in its full glory from the distance of about 50 metres. Additionally one can perceive a window of a room where Karol Wojtyła lived when he worked as a curate of this parish.
  • There is a car park at the building which is a sensation in Cracow. From time to time you can see a cat basking in the sun at this car park, a cat that has won lots of love from the neighbouring companies.



  • Have you noticed that one of the sparrows in Spatz Aparthotel’s logo has got an open beak?
  • In our tenement house in Kazimierz district of Cracow there was a hotel and before this investment – there was a bank.
  • In the corridors of Spatz you can admire paintings depicting Kazimierz area and its secret spots.



  • There are historical frescoes and decorations.  In the basement one can touch the walls that remember the XVth century.
  • On the second floor there is a ‘blank’ window in the wall, the remainder after the connection of neighbouring buildings.
  • In the corridor of a restaurant area one can admire a wooden beam dating back the XVIIIth  century that was discovered during the renovation. 



  • In the staircase there is an original skylight, very rarely found in Cracow’s architecture. In the reception part there are original, made of brick arcades.
  • In the distance of 150 metres (2 minutes walk from Siesta) you can eat the best tortellini in the centre of Cracow! For those people who like searching for “treasures” we recommend visiting the Market Hall (Hala Targowa) where you can find almost everything. It’s just a 4 minutes’ walk from Siesta.
  • The significant information for gourmets is that actually at the Market Hall is located a famous “blue nyska” offering delicious sausages, people stand here in kilometre queues. At the Hall a large Cracow-based stuffed potato, called Kumpir is also served.



  • Are You interested in Your future? In the tenement house, at the side of a quiet backyard a fortune-teller offers her services. She will eagerly answer all the questions and dispel the doubts.
  • Very few people know that from the distance of several metres from Station Aparthotel there is a beautiful Strzelecki Park where the Rooster Brotherhood (Bractwo Kurkowe) has set up a shooting range and has built a small castle in Neo-Gothic style with a vantage turret.
  • In the area of the backyard one can sit down in the quiet of the building’s walls and use the services of Cracow’s Inn (Gospoda Krakowska), where traditional Polish meals and delicious pizza are served.


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