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Niesamowita lokalizacja w samym centrum

  • lokalizacja na Starym Mieście w Krakowie, 2 minuty spacerem od Sukiennic
    i 10 od Zamku Królewskiego na Wawelu,
  • butikowe, nowoczesne wnętrza, napawające energią na cały dzień zwiedzania
  • bezpłatne, szybkie Wi-Fi,

Obiekt Apartments 17 Szewska położony jest w centrum miejscowości Kraków i oferuje bezpłatne WiFi. Odległość ważnych miejsc od obiektu:

  • Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie – 1,1 km
  • Wieża Ratuszowa – 300 m
  • Sukiennice - 350 m
  • Bazylika Mariacka - 400 m
  • Lotnisko - 15 km

Niektóre opcje zakwaterowania wyposażone są w telewizor z płaskim ekranem z dostępem do kanałów kablowych. W wybranych opcjach zapewniono też aneks kuchenny z pełnym wyposażeniem, w tym lodówką, a także prywatną łazienkę z prysznicem i bezpłatnym zestawem kosmetyków.

W pobliżu obiektu Apartments 17 Szewska znajdują się liczne atrakcje, takie jak Rynek Główny, Cloth Hall i Stadion Miejski Cracovii. Najbliższe lotnisko, Lotnisko Kraków-Balice, znajduje się 15 km od obiektu Apartments 17 Szewska. Goście mogą skorzystać z płatnego transferu lotniskowego.

Apartments 17 Szewska
Telefon kontaktowy: +48 698 406 467

Ekskluzywny Hotel w Centrum Krakowa

  • 7 minut spacerem od rynku głównego
  • 38 przestronnych pokoi
  • Ekskluzywne pokoje z pełnym wyposażeniem
  • Winda obsługująca wszystkie piętra
  • Wybitne śniadania talerzowe, a także bufet

ul. Krupnicza 30, 31-123 Kraków
Telefon kontaktowy: +48 690 624 267

Unique interiors in Old Pogdórze District

  • a 3-minute walk from Podgórski Market Square,
  • 14 minutes of  walking distance from Oscar Schindler's Factory,
  • elegant, modern, air-conditioned rooms with bathroom,
  • elevator access to all floors,
  • rooms in the building or on unique atruim,
  • breakfast available at the property.

Elegance in historical frames

  • located in the Old Town of Krakow, 3 minutes walking distance from Sukiennice (the Cloth Hall) and the Royal Castle Wawel,
  • boutique, historical interiors, mostly decorated with eighteenth and nineteenth-century frescos,
  • TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice 2019 Award for best 25 small hotels in Poland,
  • free of charge, fast Wi-Fi Internet,
  • hotel parking, elevator.

This historic town house was entirely renovated, it has three floors catered by a modern elevator. Interiors are dominated with rustic-classical style. 
Breakfasts are served daily from 7 a.m. in hotel’s restaurant room as a buffet with choice of hot dishes from the menu. Reception is available around-the-clock for any requests of our guests.

Hotel is in exquisite location just in the Old Town of Krakow. Hotel parking is located on 28 Poselska street (Hotel courtyard).


Santi Hotel****
Contact number: +48 797 991 337

Stylish hotel in a unique location

  • situated in Podgórze district, nearby Bednarski Park,
  • 2 spacious apartments and 32 comfortable rooms,
  • Italian restaurant Trattoria Venezia,
  • modern boutique interiors,
  • air-conditioning in the entire hotel.


Plaza Boutique Hotel****
Telephone: +48 690 624 251

Spacious and modern rooms accross the Dietla's Planty Park

  • a 3-minute walk from Jewish District centre,
  • 14 minutes of  walking distance from Main Market Square,
  • elegant, spacious, air-conditioned rooms with bathroom,
  • elevator access to all floors,
  • breakfast available at the property.

Luksusowy Hotel na krakowskim Kazimierzu

  • 3 minuty od centrum krakowskiego Kazimierza
  • 7 minut od historycznej Starej Synagogi
  • Wysokiej klasy, w pełni wyposażone pokoje,
  • Winda obsługująca wszystkie piętra
  • Wspaniała restauracja serwująca śniadania i dania w wersji Fine Dining

A little bit of luxury in a perfect location

  • located in gorgeous, historical Wołodkowicz's Palace,
  • Next to Main Train Station and Shopping Gallery,
  • luxurious rooms and apartments,
  • elevator with access to each floor.

In the heart of Kazimierz

  • located in Krakow’s Kazimierz district, within 3 minutes walking distance from Nowy Square (Plac Nowy),
  • Deluxe rooms available,
  • unique restaurant Kazimir,
  • art gallery,
  • air-conditioning,
  • reception available around-the-clock.

Spatz Aparthotel invites you to its classical, elegant interiors. Along with a comfortable stay, many attractions, nearby restaurants and cafes, will make your stay in Krakow just unforgettable.

Reception will be happy to help you with trips or any entrance tickets. We would also like to encourage you to sightsee Krakow and surroundings by bikes – it is possible to rent them at the hotel.


Spatz Aparthotel
Contact number: +48 698 405 785

Unique quality between Old Town and Jewish District Kazimierz

  • located in Krakow’s Kazimierz district, at the same time close to Krakow Old Town,
  • glass patio area, where breakfasts are served in the form of a set (1 of 4 sets to choose from)
  • King Louis XIV style of the interiors,
  • parking next to the hotel,
  • Laris Hotels Group art gallery.

Solicitously renovated town house in pastel colors, with beautiful ornamentation from pre-war period. Leone offers rooms that are suitable up to 5 persons, some of them have also a kitchenette. Reception is open around-the-clock and always ready to assist you.
There is a possibility to organize a conference or small meetings up to 30 persons.


Leone Aparthotel
Contact number: +48 797 991 331

Spacious apartments in the center of Krakow

  • 3-minute walk from Train and Bus Station,
  • good public transport connection,
  • multiperson, spacious rooms with equipped kitchen,
  • elevator,
  • guarded parking nearby 
We offer 16 single and two-room apartments, including four with two levels. Some of them are available even up to 7 people.
Classically furnished, they also include a kitchen with a fridge and a dishwasher.
The building has an elevator and a closed car park is available nearby.
Excellent, central location allows you to easily move around the city.

Comfort and central location

  • this hotel is situated next to a big shopping center called Galeria Krakowska and 3 minutes on foot from Krakow’s Bus and Train Station,
  • hotel parking with an automatic gate,
  • ground floor building,
  • peace in the city center of Krakow,
  • 11 rooms with a kitchenette and a refrigerator.

Friendly Mały Kraków offers 16 rooms, including those up to 3-4 persons. Breakfasts are served in a nearby restaurant. Throughout the whole day you can use complimentary our lobby coffee machine or have a glass of water. Certainly a great advantage is a private parking just in front of the hotel. Reception is open around-the-clock and will be happy to help you with making the right choices regarding best events to attend, book a tour or a transfer.


Mały Kraków Aparthotel
Contact number: +48 698 406 467  

Globus Aparthotel

Between Kazimierz and the Old Town district.

  • located between Kazimierz and the Old Town district,
  • 24-hour reception available in the nearby Leone Aparthotel, just 150 meters away,
  • elevator with access to each floor,
  • air conditioning in rooms and common areas,
  • friendly, paid parking near the aparthotel.
Grodzka 21 Aparthotel

In the city centre

  • central location, nearby Wawel Castle and All Saints Square (Plac Wszystkich Świętych),
  • 2 minutes distance (by walk) from Main Market Place, 
  • XIV century tenement, located on one of the most famous streets in Cracow,
  • elegant rooms with wooden floors, in a style of historical Cracow,
  • free Wi-Fi connection,
  • air-conditioned rooms.

Modernity in peaceful Kazimierz

  • peaceful location in Kazimierz area,
  • many interesting restaurants and cafes in close vicinity,
  • single, double or twin beds with possibility of extra bed,
  • air-conditioning in all rooms,
  • nearby parking.

If you look for a place located a bit off the beaten track, but still in the heart of Kraków Kazimierz district, Armon Residence is a perfect choice for you. It is situated on a tiny, picturesque Bawół Square just 64 meters away from the Old Synagogue and Szeroka Street.

Just within 2 minutes of walking from Armon Residence, there are two very interesting museums: Galicia Jewish Museum and Museum of Municipial Engineering. What is more, if you are a shopping lover, you can enjoy the variety of shops in Kazimierz Shopping Mall (Galeria Kazimierz), located just 11 minutes of walking distance from Bawół Square.

The city center of Krakow together with The Royal Wawel Castle and Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) is situated within circa 20 minutes of walking distance.


Armon Residence
Contact number: +48 690 624 405

Close to all means of transport

  • budget hotel, located in Krakow’s Bus and Train Station,
  • various standard rooms – private and shared bathroom, studios up to 7-9 people,
  • free access to a computer with Internet, library,
  • free luggage storage.

Station Aparthotel is ideally situated – in the city center of Krakow, close to any mean of transport or transfer. In front of the hotel there is a taxi stop, Bus and Train Station, a shopping center Galeria Krakowska, few restaurants and a park.

Perfect for guests that are looking for a good accommodation at a competitive price. Guests can choose from wide array of room arrangements. Reception is open around-the-clock, you can find may brochures, maps, guidebooks or coupons with discounts in the hotel lobby as well as hotel safe, where Guests can deposit their valuables.


Station Aparthotel
Contact number: +48 604 255 117 

High quality in a good price

  • one of the most modern hostels in Lesser Poland,
  • 10 minutes distance from the Main Square,
  • 196 comfortable beds in dormitory rooms,
  •  fast WiFi,
  • access to the kitchen, breakfast room and laundry, 
  • elevator with access to each floor,
  • off-site bus parking 

We offer 17 eight dormitory rooms with eight, ten or twelve beds in each, located on 3 different floors. Every room has a dedicated bathroom with a shower, rooms are air-conditioned.
Access to spacious patio straight from the breakfast room. Hostel guests can use a fully equipped kitchen (microwave, dishwasher, fridge, kettle, cups, plates) and laundry. The building has an elevator, off-site bus parking available. Hostel offers 8 parking places in underground garage (car or motorcycle parking) - price 25 PLN per day.

Excellent, central location allows you to move easily  around the city.

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Hotels Group

ul. Pawia 18A/10
31-154 Kraków

  • General phone number
    +48 12 357 20 13
  • Office +48 797 991 334 


Monday to Friday, 9a.m.- 5p.m.

Group Reservations

Sales Department

Marketing Department

Accountancy Department





Our aparthotels Monuments and attractions




Laris Sp. z o.o.

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski Spółka Akcyjna 
Street: ul. Puławska 15
Postal code: 02-515 Warszawa

Account No./IBAN: PL 66 1020 2906 0000 1502 0202 5765

To make the process more efficient, please mention the name of the hotel and details of your reservation in the transfer description.

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